Duraclutch Full Throttle Powersports

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  • BASIC SERVICE - Oil change with oil filter - Starting at $195
  • FULL SERVICE - Oil change with filter - front and rear differential / transmission fluids changed / air filter replaced - Starting at $385
  • Clutch clean and inspect - Starting at $165
  • Drive belt replacement - Starting at $325
  • Brake Service including pads - front or rear - Starting at $255
  • Wheel Bearing Replacements - front or rear - Starting at $355
  • CV Axle replacement - single - Starting at $225
  • Clutch Rebuilds and Upgrades - Starting at $675 - *Duraclutch and IBEXX authorized distributor and installer*
  • Battery replacements - Starting at $125 - *Interstate Battery distributor with stock available
  • Full FTP Certification - Complete check of all safety and mechanical functions of your machine - $125 - *Add Full Service to this for a discount at $450*

ASE & Polaris certified to do insurance claim work, if your ride gets damaged or wrecked.

Please give us a call for specific information on repairs not listed

FTP Certified: What does that mean?

We FTP Certify all Pre-Owned machines, and all machines that come in for maintenance. Giving you all the confidence in the world to go out and hit the trials.

Safety Check:

We meticulously go through our safety check list which includes:

Seat Belts, Doors & Latches, Street Legal Components, Tire Pressure, Tire Condition, Wheel Bearings, and Suspension Components.

Mechanical Check:

We make sure all of your mechanical components are looking tip top. The list includes:

Oil Change, Air Filter Changed, Coolant Checked/Changed, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Differential Fluid, Brake Pads & Rotors, Belt Checked, Clutch Cleaned, Battery Checked, & Accessories Checked.

FTP Certified: What does it mean?

Peace of mind knowing your machine is safe and ready for your next family adventure!

Peace of mind

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